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Mill Creek Designs is an LLC which was formed in 2005 by Michael Winchell to provide excellence in landscaping, specializing in the mountain areas.  We are located in Dumont, Colorado but work all over the entire Front Range Area (Evergreen, Conifer, Genesee, Clear Creek County, Gilpin County, Park County, and Denver & suburbs).  We have done jobs from Steamboat to Western Nebraska so don't be afraid to ask if we will travel to you. 

Value of Landscaping

It has been estimated that homeowners have valued up to 150% of the money that they put into landscaping, when they sell their house.

Hiring a professional to help you with your landscaping needs helps you avoid landscaping faux pas and problems that can lower the value of your home. Besides the increased value; well designed landscapes will increase the enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

Apples and Oranges

Landscapes are difficult things to compare for value. They are not like comparing items at a different grocer. To compare landscapers you need a common denominator. There are really only two ways to do this fairly. First, you can give multiple landscapers the same budget and compare the designs for value from plants, features, and overall look. Or you can take the same design with the same materials including soils, plants (size and amount), bases, brick, or whatever else you have involved in your project, get multiple estimates, then compare prices.  If this is not done the cheapest landscape might be the worst value.

Our proposals are made to give you a detailed quote.  We do not hide individual costs by just giving a total project price. Our proposals explain the materials and sizes we are suggesting for your project, and are detailed so every planting bed, patio, lawn, and tree is priced separately.   Every portion of the project is itemized for you to see and understand so you can appreciate their value. It also gives you the ability to compare us to other companies if you deem necessary. This also gives you the ability to reduce the cost of the project by eliminating certain items or certain features.

We may sometimes be the lowest estimate, but will very rarely be the highest one. Most often we fall in between, but we always land on the higher end for quality and beauty.

Insurance, Guarantees & References

Mill Creek Designs carries general liability and worker's compensation insurance. We encourage people to feel free to ask for a copy if they desire. General liability insurance and workers compensation insurance covers work-related accidents that may occur on your property.  We hope that never happens.

Projects are priced with the use of equipment, such as loaders and large trucks, to reduce the man power needed to accomplish your project. Upon approving installation of your project you give us permission to use lawn areas and driveway for staging materials and accessibility to the work areas with equipment.

Driveways are often needed to stage material and parking. We are careful when using driveways. Although rare, we can not be responsible for damage to driveways and sidewalks. Surface marks from materials and equipment are common but most of it is remedied during our extensive clean-ups.

All plants purchased have warranties for one month from the date of installation. Keep in mind our suppliers only guarantee stock is alive at time of delivery.  Any purchased plant will be replaced within that month at no cost to our clients. Client's plants that we transplant and replacement plants are not warranted.  Damage caused by animals, lack of care, too much care, or any uncontrollable acts are also not warranted.  Clients are encouraged to call with questions anytime to insure the plants health and the landscapes success"  We do offer extended 1 year and 2 year plant warranties feel free to ask your designer about these.

I have excellent references and can arrange walkthroughs of past jobs and provide contact info for references to serious parties

Insurance provided by David Day Insurance Agency (303)795-1115


Our crews do not jump from project to project just to start on the day we said. We don't leave your project once we begin, even if additional work is added. Once we start a project the crew stays until it is completed. We find clients greatly appreciate our efforts to reduce inconvenience and construction timeframes.  However, weather and other onsite contractors may disrupt our efforts


Our crews understand they are working in your personal yard. They appreciate there opportunity to perform their craft for you. They take the time and care to assure your project is installed properly with an eye for detail. The crew Foreman or the Designer will review with you the scope of the project before it begins to insure all questions and concerns you have are addressed. A customer should always feel free to ask questions while the project is being installed. We want to have you understand exactly what is being done and alter the installation if that is what you prefer.


This is an area we find very important, you should not have to clean-up after the project is accomplished.  Dirt, dust, brush, and debris are often generated on all projects. During installation we try to contain the disruption of you and your neighbor's lives. Debris is removed daily and the project is tidied at the end of each day. When the project is completed the entire work area is swept and washed as needed as well as lawn areas repaired. Our ability to clean up our work area has gotten us almost as many compliments as our projects from clients to neighbors and passers by.





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